Friday, February 4, 2011

Down South

I took a trip down to my home town to visit friends and family for the next few days. I just hit the road this evening, and arrived not long ago. The trip was a pretty spur of the moment idea. Since I had three days off in a row this week, I decided to just take a trip! Now, it turns out I have Monday off as well, so I'm actually taking FOUR days off in a row! I'm hoping to have a nice visit.

It felt really weird traveling without Puckie. :(

And now for a photo of our super creepy Mario mascot costume we have at work.


  1. Mario stares into ur soul 0_o

  2. nice u have 4 days off.. vacation or otherwise... though oddly enough i would wear that mario costume... creepy or not

  3. Have fun this weekend! Don't worry, I'm sure Puck was there in spirit running along side your car.

  4. omg, poor Mario, he's not creepy! ^^
    days off? i'm envy! have a nice trip.

  5. Oh hey, I saw this costume in the video where Austin visited you. :D