Monday, September 27, 2010

Awwww ;___;

I forgot to mention that I got a donation the other day! Thank you so much, Sam! That was so sweet of you.

I want to start doing sketches/drawings for people that donate. Sam, if you'd like me to draw something for you, just let me know what you want!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Skink Cam is Back

Sorry for the delay, pals. Skink Cam is finally back on. The reason why it's been off all this time started when I went to Disney. A friend was taking care of Kai for the weekend, so I couldn't have it on then. When I got home, I accidentally broke the bulb for his UV lamp. I still haven't gotten him a new one yet, so his cage is a bit dark at the moment. I thought it would be too dark for the cam, but I decided to just turn it back on for the heck of it. I'll be getting him a new UV bulb soon, though!

Skink Cam!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Universal :\

I went to Universal's Islands of Adventure yesterday. Meh..... it was honestly pretty lame. I was just there in March, and I wasn't ready to go back again so soon. All the new Harry Potter stuff was really cool, but otherwise, it was the same ol' same ol'. That park just BORES me. I'm a wimp with scary rides, so I can't even ride half of the stuff there. I do really really love the Spider-man ride, but it isn't enough to keep me coming back to the park over and over.

I am so done with Universal. I don't wanna go back for at least 5 years or so (unless I can go for free or something). The parks just aren't worth the cost of admission to me. I think my weekend at Disney ruined Universal for me, honestly. Disney is so magical and amazing, and Universal is lacking that feeling. It doesn't have the same atmosphere.

Overall, meh. I enjoyed the new Harry Potter ride, and I got to drink yummy pumpkin fizz at the Harry Potter restaurant, but those were the most interesting parts of the day. Universal isn't that great.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Man, my weekend was amazing!

I spent all day Friday - Sunday with some friends at Disney World. They were friends from my home town that I hadn't spent much time with in years, so it was awesome to be there with them. They convinced me to buy a seasonal pass, so we hopped all around to the different parks all weekend.

That was the most time I've ever spent at Disney in a single trip. I've only been a handful of times in my life, so this was a real treat. My favorite park is Epcot, and we went every day. I was so so SO excited to finally see Captain EO! (If you don't know, Captain EO is the 3D Michael Jackson show there.) In the past, I thought that I would never get a chance to see it, since it had been taken out of Epcot a very long time ago, so it's amazing that they brought it back. I had been wanting to see the real thing for many years (I just watched a low quality, non-3D video of it before). It was freakin' awesome!

We got to go on pretty much every ride we wanted, since there were barely any lines. I think my favorite is Space Mountain! I wanna go back soon and ride it again. I'm a super baby when it comes to rides, and I can't handle steep drops, so I avoided Splash Mountain. I was fine with pretty much everything else, though (besides Tower of Terror, obviously). The shows were all so good, too! The Finding Nemo musical is awesome. I liked it more than the movie, hehe.

I managed to be my super cheap self while I was there and not spend a lot of money, thankfully. My meals were all reasonably priced, and I only bought one thing: an amazing Sonic wallet that's even better than the one I wanted before! I am so in love with it. Here's what it looks like:

*drooooool* I smile every time I look at it.

I dunno what else to say about the trip! It was awesome and I had a fantastic time and I wanna go back! I'll probably go back very soon, since I have a seasonal pass now.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Guess what?! I'm at Disney World! More details later. ;D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stuff I've been up to

Wow, I finally beat Uncharted 1 today. It only took me like TWO WEEKS to do! I'm ridiculously slow with finishing games. :< I'll probably check out Uncharted 2 before long, since everyone raves about how amazing it is.

Saturday was the 3 year anniversary of Lantz's passing. I still miss you as much as ever, my little girl. I've been working on a little drawing in her honor, and I hope to have it done soon.

We were having a buy 2 get 2 free sale for Labor Day at work, so I bought a few games yesterday.

After Burner (Master System), Wave Race 64, Bionic Commando: Elite Forces (GBC) and Oddworld Adventures 2 (GBC).

I also bought a rad e-reader on ebay last week. It should be arriving in the next day or two. I can't wait until it gets here! Sooo many books I wanna read. Here's the one I got:

It's the Astak Pocket Pro. I got an awesome deal on it, too. I already downloaded a ton of e-books in preparation for its arrival.

There's one more thing I'm drooling after right now that I haven't bought yet:

Holy CRAP my eyes lit up when I saw that. I've been wanting a classic Sonic wallet for years. YEARS, I TELL YA! I shall definitely be buying that bad boy soon.

And now I shall conclude with a random picture:

I'm off to play some Scott Pilgrim boss rush mode before I sleep. Have a good night! 

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I saw a pre-screening of Machete last night. Holy crap, what a movie. It's exactly like the original trailer from Grindhouse, and it even uses most of the same footage from it, which was surprising to me.

I definitely don't recommend it to the kiddies out there, seeing how it's loaded with mature content, but for those old enough to see it, if you're into super campy, over-the-top movies that don't take themselves too seriously, then Machete is a must-see! Robert Rodriguez did not disappoint.

Skink Cam

Here you can watch Kai!

I turn this on all the time. If it isn't on, either he's sleeping, I'm busy and forgot to turn it on, or I have him out and about with me. Just try checking back later. I'll embed this at the bottom of my blog so you can see it easily from whatever page.

Hi pals!

Welcome to my shiny new blog. I'm just gonna use this to update here and there about the going-ons of my life. I'll try to keep it more about the interesting stuff (ex: I'm gonna be in an infomercial!), and less of the mundane (ex: I ate a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch!). Thanks for checking it out!

By the way, I really am going to be in an infomercial.