Friday, May 27, 2011

Amazing interviews

Voice-Over Voice Actor: What It's Like Behind the MicSo we recorded a couple of super amazing interviews last night for Nerdy Show. The first one was with Yuri Lowenthal, who is primarily a voice actor for dubbed anime . He's also done a bunch of stuff for other cartoons and video games, one of his most well-known gaming roles being the Prince of Persia in The Sands of Time and The Two Thrones. He even recorded a little bump for our online radio station, 8bitfm, and he used the voice of the prince. It was so cool! Here's a list of his work, and you'll probably spot some characters you recognize. He was such a nice guy! Very down to earth and fun to talk to. He and his wife actually wrote a book about voice acting, and it's supposed to be one of the best ones out there. I've dreamed of being a voice-over artist
for many years, so I decided to promptly order the book when I got home!

The second interview was one I was very, VERY excited for. It was with none other than the legendary... Rob Paulsen! If you aren't familiar with him by name, let me just list off a few of his characters: Yakko Warner (Animaniacs), Pinky (Pinky and the Brain), Raphael (TMNT), Mighty Max (Mighty Max), Antoine D'Coolette (Sonic the Hedgehog), Carl Wheezer (Jimmy Neutron), Arthur (The Tick), and like a million others. He's such an awesome guy! Super nice, very very down to earth, so humble, spoke so highly of his colleagues, thanked us repeatedly for praising him, and he was an absolute joy to have on the show. I have been a huge fan of him for my entire life, so being able to speak to him was incredible. He seems to really love his fans.

Sometime soon, we'll be conducting an interview with Steve Blum! Surely you know who he is, but if not, he did the dubbed voice for Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop), Mugen (Samurai Champloo), the voice of TOM from Toonami, and tons and tons of others. I'm looking forward to that one! Rob Paulsen said some very nice things about him.

I'll let you guys know when the voice acting episodes are up!

I need a new poll. Any ideas?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Wow, I've spent a lot of time at Disney lately! I was there for 5 days in a row, then went home for a couple days, then went back yesterday afternoon and came home this morning. I was there with Mike and Sarah and their friend Ben, and I had a blast! I wanted to make a video montage of everything, but there's some retarded problem with youtube right now that doesn't allow me to upload edited videos. For now, I can only upload the raw files. I'm going to upload a clip every day or two for the next several days. As of now, I uploaded two already.

We went to all of the parks several times each. I did a couple things I had never done before, including Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom (which was very fun, wish I hadn't wimped out in the past) and the "Lights, Motors, Action!" stunt show at Hollywood Studios, which was quite cool. Oh, I also got to see the closing show at Hollywood Studios, Fantasmic! I loved it.

Oh yeah, there's one other new thing I did. Star Tours 2! It just had its grand opening on Friday, and we actually got to ride it a couple days before it opened! They were doing unannounced sneak previews of the ride, and we just happened to be walking by the ride right as they opened it up for one of those. Sarah and I had just bought some Mickey ice cream bars, and we had to swallow them down super quickly to catch up with the boys, who ran into the line screaming when they noticed it was open. They do a special thing on the ride where they take a photo of someone in the group, and then that photo is shown on the screen at one point, revealing that the person is in fact a rebel spy! When we rode it again last night, I got chosen to be the spy! The people in our group were getting really into it, so it was awesome.

Since Star Tours 2 had it's grand opening, they had a Star Wars weekend at the park. It was like a sci-fi convention taking place at the park! There were people in Star Wars costumes, tons of people in Star Wars shirts, and they even had some stars from the movies and shows there. In fact, Anthony Daniels (the actor who plays C-3PO) was there, and we got to see him when we were coming in! I took a quick video of him, and I'll upload it in a few days.

In addition to being chosen as the spy, I was also chosen for something else. In the Laugh Floor attraction at Magic Kingdom, guests are invited to text in jokes, which will be possibly used in the show. They ended up using mine! I recorded that, so I'll upload that clip in a few days as well. A Disney employee tried to make me put my camera away right as they were saying my joke! Graaah.

Last night, I ate at one of the most amazing Disney restaurants: Ohana. It's an all-you-can-eat Polynesian place, and they bring you different kinds of meat on skewers, which they then remove from the skewers and put it on your plate. Oh man, and they had some delicious bread pudding as well. It was to die for. I got so full that I was rolling around the parks for the rest of the night.

Now it's time for photo spam! I have some other photos that I'll upload later, but here are most of them. I'll keep the thumbnails small so this post isn't enormous, so just click on them to see the full size.

Chillin' with my homeboys
So awesome.
Power Rangers movie suits!

Best friends
Pee-Wee Herman! I love him.
Obligatory castle shot
A flattering photo of me at Ohana

Monday, May 16, 2011

Nonstop action!

Wow, I've been ridiculously busy lately! Let's see if I can remember most of it (while keeping it short):

I finished Portal 2, both single player and co-op. Such an awesome game! I really loved the story, and co-op was super fun as well. I played through it with Erik, and I plan to play through it again later on with my dad.

Two weekends ago, both my parents and Erik came to visit. It was nice spending time with all of them. I got my mom and grandma roses for Mother's Day, and I also gave my dad Portal 2 to make up for him not getting a Christmas gift (and because I knew he was really excited about the game). Over that weekend, we recorded a Nerdy Show episode about Portal 2 and Chrono Trigger, and I was actually quite talkative for a change. Give it a listen here if interested! Erik had to go home early because of car trouble, so that was pretty lame.

Man, Saturday was ridiculously busy. There was an event going on at the LAN center that I didn't get to check out at all, there was a "British Invasion" event going on in town that I wanted to check out but couldn't, my friend had a birthday party that I didn't get to attend, and there was an art show at my store. I entered a piece into the art contest at the show, and I won, but it wasn't much of an achievement, since only one other person entered. :P My prize was an art print from one of the artists, and $30 store credit for my store. I know you've all seen this already, but I touched it up a little bit to make a print:
I actually made a few extra prints for the heck of it. They're 11''x17'', so if anyone's interested in buying one, lemme know! They're cheap.

I have a couple of bargains to report. One of them is Mortal Kombat for PS3. I got a super deal on it! I was planning to get it from Toys R Us when they had the game for $30, but they were all sold out when I went to get it. I tried to get Best Buy to match their sale, but they'd only match it down to $40. The thing is, they had one last copy with the limited edition classic Sub-Zero costume DLC inside. I decided to buy the game, and then I sold the DLC card on ebay for over 20 bucks! The game ended up being less than $20 for me, so I'm quite pleased.

The other bargain is a futon I got on craigslist. It was originally $400, and the person sold it to me for $75! I moved my entire room around to fit it in there, and I'm super happy with the layout now. I feel a lot happier in my room! Having a couch is awesome.

I'm currently in the Disney area! I just met up with my friends today, and we're in a resort now. We're going to spend the next several days having an awesome time in the parks. I got the whole week off from work, so I'm pretty much just going to take a break from life. I'll try to record some fun videos while I'm there.

More of you need to eat sushi. New poll time!

That's all for now! Have a lovely week, folks!