Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bluray purchases!

I just picked up two of my favorite movies on bluray! Eeeeeee so happy. One of them came out today, and I've been super duper excited for it:

Yesssssssssss! I got the last copy at the store!

If you haven't seen Scott Pilgrim yet, I insist that you watch it as soon as possible. You'll get extra bonus points if you read the comic as well! I was a big fan of the comic before the movie came out. It's such a fun series, and I'm pretty sure most gamers out there would love it. The film is a fantastic adaption of the story, and it does a great job of condensing the six volumes of the comic into less than two hours of screen time. It does have some differences from the source material, though, so I think it's best to experience both! I'm really looking forward to checking out all the special features on this bluray. I really hope that it has some good deleted scenes! I know that the ending to the movie was reworked pretty close to its release, so I want to see what the original ending was like.

When it was announced that Michael Cera was playing the role of Scott, I was not a happy camper! I was never fond of his other acting roles, and it always felt to me like he was just playing himself instead of actually acting. I feared that the movie's quality was going to suffer with him as the lead. However, when I actually saw the movie, my opinion changed. I think he did a great job as Scott, and although I still don't think he was the top choice for the role, his performance was quite good. The rest of the cast did a great job as well, and I think they're all really well suited to the characters that they portray.

I was really lucky with this movie! I managed to score some free screening passes to go see it a few weeks before it came out in theaters. It was so awesome! The theater was jam packed with people that were really into it, and they made it so much fun. I loved the movie so much that I went to go see it two more times after it came out.

Alright, this next movie is one that I doubt the majority of you have any interest in:

Ahhhh, Moulin Rouge. How I love thee. This bluray only came out a few weeks ago, and it already had a big price drop. When I was at the store tonight to buy Scott Pilgrim, I just couldn't resist picking up this one as well when I saw the price. I already have it on DVD, but this movie is definitely worth the upgrade to bluray.  I'm so so excited to see how this movie will look in spiffy HD.

For some reason, I wasn't that crazy about this movie the first time I saw it. I dunno what it was. When I saw it the second time, I LOVED it. Since then, I've loved it more and more with each viewing. I'm a big fan of musicals, so this movie is right up my alley. Instead of having its own original songs, this movie features interesting (and sometimes humorous) covers of popular music all throughout it. They're done very well, and Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor really shine in their roles (as does the rest of the cast). If you like musicals, watch it! If you don't, be open minded and watch it anyway!

I thankfully have the next several days off from work. Both of these blurays have a lot of special features, so I intend to spend that time going through all of them.

Mmmm, cookie dough ice cream.


  1. I'm crazy for Moulin Rouge! I don't get why not many people like it either. It's funny and heartfelt at all the right places and the music is awesome. I still love the Elephant Love Medley and Come What May still manages to move me till today. :D

    I've been wanting to watch Scott Pilgrim for ages but I have to be patient and wait for my copy to arrive. :D Who would you have chosen to play Scott?

  2. Scott Pilgrim was awesome. Although I really didn't like Michael Sera. I never have, and I probably never will. I think the best actor/actress in that movie was the girl that played Knives Chau. So moe. ^^

    There's something about getting the last of an item like that, it's just empowering. That or it could be gas... either way it's awesome.

  3. Are you guys playing with con, since his job is over?

  4. oooo so jealous i have to wait till the 27th of december to get scott pilgrim in the uk :(

  5. Hmm scott pilgrim... i havent had the chance to see it though my friend told me the arcade game u can get on XBLA or PSN is pretty much almost the same as teh movie.. though the game is frustrating as hell to play.. hopefully it isnt that bad of a movie >.>

  6. YAY, Scott Pilgrim is awesome, didn't know it was out on DVD/Blueray, I didn't get a chance to watch it in cinemas but, massive fan of the comics :3