Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hey folks, sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've had the last several days off from work, and not much has been going on. Since I'm trying to avoid driving as much as possible, I barely left the apartment at all, except to go to physical therapy.

I of course watched my Scott Pilgrim and Moulin Rouge blurays. I was very pleased with the quality of each of them. Scott Pilgrim features TONS of extras, so I spent nearly an entire day going through all of them. It was so awesome to see the deleted scenes and the pre-production stuff. They put an insane amount of effort into that movie. As for that original ending! I won't spoil it here, but man... if they had kept that, the movie would have probably received some serious backlash from the fans. I mean, I knew exactly what the original ending was going to be, since there are some things in the movie that lead up to it, but I guess they didn't have the time to go back and change those.

I haven't gone through any of the Moulin Rouge special features yet, but it's probably a lot of the same stuff from the original DVD release (which I have already gone through in the past). The movie looks absolutely gorgeous in HD, and I enjoyed this viewing more than ever before!

Last week, I abruptly purchased a game that I had been wanting for a long time. That game would be Katamari Forever! I've been a big fan of the series since the very first game was out, and I'm very happy to have a new one to play after so many years (I haven't played one since We Love Katamari came out). The only reason why I waited so long to buy it is because the price took forever to go down! However, when I checked it on Amazon last week, I was shocked at how cheap they were selling it. It's probably the cheapest you can find a sealed copy. I snatched it up immediately, and it arrived yesterday. I spent about 6 hours playing it yesterday, hehe. Though it isn't the most visually stunning PS3 game, it is definitely an improvement over the PS2 games. I never played the 360 one, so I have no basis for comparison there. The music is AWESOME! It features a bunch of remixes of the old songs, and they are RAD! It's such a fun game (like all the others), and I'm excited to play it some more!

As of the time of this posting, Skink Cam is back on. It's been really hard to have it on lately, because of the places where I have to lay down with my laptop. The USB cable for the cam doesn't quite reach my laptop in most places. I'll try to have it on when I can, though.

My back is doing a bit worse again. It had started to improve, but then it kind of plateaued off and reverted back. I guess I'll  have to try a different treatment method.

Well, after my long, unexpected and uneventful vacation, it's finally time to go back to work!


  1. first off hope ur back feels better... nagging injuries suck as backs and joints always suck (i have a knee injury that wont go away.. stupid mosh pit) anyways katamari loved the game on on the PS2, but having a 360 ive heard the version on the 360 was only sub par and not exactly in your face.. but hope ur back feels better

  2. Thank you, I appreciate it.

    I did hear about the 360 version being pretty lackluster. I'm honestly kind of happy about that, because otherwise I'd feel like I'm missing out (since I don't have a 360). :P

  3. Hmmm... Maybe a cane or walking stick of some sort would help? I know from the experience of my own family and friends with these sorts of issues that a support of some kind helps. Anyway, hope your back improves.

  4. You and Con watching your movie extras, haha. I think he's on something like day three or four though.

    Even though your back is bad at least you're still able to work.

  5. lol i have a 360 but i only use it for pretty much halo and COD.. oh and banjo kazooie/tooie (screw nuts and bolts they killed my childhood with that game ;_;)

  6. Do you take Glucosamine at all? I know it helps with joint pain but I don't know how much it would help herniated discs. I believe the cause of both is worn cartilage resulting in bone/bone contact.

    Katamari Forever is indeed awesome since it features levels from almost all the Katamari games released thus far. Also Roboking.

  7. I hope your back heals, Jonna! I think you should get a cane, too.

    I have never played the Katamari Forever game or any of the others, but from what I've heard from these comments, it's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

    Jonna, I think you're an amazing person, with an amazing personality! I love your laugh! I love the high voice that you have, it can make anybody happy! :)


  8. I also hope that your back is feeling better, but this comment is about something completely different.

    I'm a fan of the artwork that you've posted both here and on Deviant (particularly the still life pieces), and I was wondering if you ever do commission pieces. I've recently finished work on a novel and may soon need cover art for it. The style would be a bit "darker" than what you've got in your gallery, but I think it would look pretty cool in the style you seem to have.

    If you could let me know, that would be great. Thanks!