Friday, June 10, 2011

Awesome movie ticket deal

Hey guys, I just wanted to share this awesome deal for movie tickets from

For $9, you get two tickets from That's $4.50 a ticket! It's hard to find movies that cheap nowadays, and you can even use this for opening nights and such. I don't think you can use them for 3D movies or IMAX movies, but 3D movies are nonsense anyway.

This deal probably only works for Americans and Canadians, but I'm not sure exactly. I just wanted to pass the word along, since finding bargains is a hobby of mine (as you all know).

I hope you guys enjoyed my Disney video spam. That's pretty much it for my Disney videos from my last trip, but I'll try to have some other things uploaded soon!

Out of curiosity, what types of videos are you interested in seeing? I'm sure a lot of you want gaming videos, but I don't really have the means for that sort of thing right now, since I can't record any graphically-intensive stuff with my laptop, and I don't have a capture device for my consoles. However, I can record old games just fine, so that's one option I guess. I dunno, tell me whatcha want!


  1. I want videos that show us Fans around the town :) The Adventures of Jonna...or something in that fashion :D
    ...Ouuuu or a vid of your Pets :)

  2. can you show us how do you work in the kitchen? or maybe your computer or anything you do any hour.i would even see you dying your hair if you are going to XD

  3. I guess I could do like, cooking videos or something, if people actually care to see that.

  4. I like Cooking shows, so cooking vids are cool too OuO

  5. I love how a woman asking what everyone wants from her goes straight to cooking in two comments. =P