Monday, June 27, 2011

Blood, Parties, and Sonic Stream

Busy bussyyyyy! So much has been going on.

The manager at my job just moved away a few days ago. He's been there since the store opened, like I have, so he's going to be sorely missed. He pretty much held the store together, so I fear for the future of my store with him out of the picture. Some things have already gone a bit wrong, so it's very troubling. I'm pretty much ready to jump ship before things get worse. I hope I get that flight attendant job soon.

On Thursday, we had a goodbye dinner for my manager, and then I went to a pool party at a friend's house. We watched a couple of B-movies, Wild Zero and Samurai Cop. Samurai Cop is my favorite B-movie ever, so I was very happy to share it with a group of friends. It's so bad (bad in a bad way AND a good way at the same time!).

On Friday, I went to see Evil Dead the Musical. It was sooooo amazing! It was hilarious, and the best part is that my friends and I were sitting in the splatter zone. You know what that means?! We got soaked in blood. I even bought a white dress before the show just so it could get all bloody.

I wish you could see my legs in the photo. They had blood alllll over them.
After the show, we decided to go downtown with blood all over us. People were looking at us like we were crazy the whole night, so it was pretty awesome. We went to 80s night again, and somehow, dancing to 80s music with blood all over you makes it so much more fun.

I went to another party on Saturday evening, and it was a little lame. It was mainly just people playing Rock Band the whole time, but at least one of my friends made some awesome brownies that he brought. I had also been invited to a Pokemon party that night, so I kind of wish I had gone to that one instead. Oh well.

So, a very special anniversary just happened on the 23rd! Do you know which one it was? You better! Say it with me, now! SONIC THE HEDGEHOG'S 20TH BIRTHDAY! That fat little blue guy has been around for TWENTY YEARS, and though he'll probably never return to his former glory, at least those exceptional Genesis/Mega Drive games can be honored until the end of time. To celebrate this joyous occasion, I'll be doing a stream of Sonic 1 very soon. I'm not sure exactly when, but I'll keep you posted! Just so you know, it isn't going to be a typical play-through of the game. ;D


  1. My life long dream is to meet you. :)