Sunday, October 2, 2011

Zombietoberfest and gaming PC!

Last night was the awesome Zombietoberfest! It was a lot of fun, and this year it was bigger than ever. The event started in 2009, and it's been really cool to see it growing a bit each year since. I just wore my L4D shirt again, and I brought Kai with me like I did last year. The best part, of course, was seeing Random Encounter perform. Those guys are getting really good. I'll probably upload some photos from the event if some good ones pop up.

I'm FINALLY building my gaming PC! I have almost everything I need for it, and I just need to order a couple more parts. So excited! I'll start doing a whole bunch of streaming and youtube videos and such after I have it.

I'm planning on moving as soon as I can, because I really wanna have my own place. I don't wanna deal with other people's messes anymore! :<

To help offset the big expenses of PC parts and moving costs, I'm going to be selling some stuff I have as a fundraiser. I dunno if it'll be anything you folks will be interested in, but I'll link to the auctions as soon as they're listed. I'll also have some super special, super limited Kilplix-related items! Keep your eye out for those.


  1. Finally :D, a new blog post.

  2. i was gonna go but i didnt know when it was :( iwas really looking forward to it