Friday, October 21, 2011

Flight Attendant Interview!

Man, work is so dead right now that I'm updating my blog to pass the time. Speaking of which, here's my current work situation:

I have a face-to-face interview with JetBlue on November 3rd! I have to fly all the way to New York for it (on my own dime), so I really hope I get the job! (Also, I'm missing a concert I really wanted to go to because of it! :<) Since I'll have to travel for the interview, I decided to quit my new job that I just got. I only trained for two days, and I didn't want to waste their time and money by continuing training there when I'll probably be getting a new job soon. They said I can come back if I want to in the future, though, so that's awesome. For the time being, I'm going to continue working at Play N Trade until I get the flight attendant job. If I get it, I'll be starting in January!

I finally got to play a little bit of Arkham Asylum on my PC. It looks gorgeous! I am in love with that machine.

I went to a ska show last night, and I got knocked down flat on my butt since I was dancing right next to the mosh pit. It was pretty funny.