Sunday, February 26, 2012

Freak Show

I went to see a freak show last night! It was super weird and super awesome. Since I grew up watching street performers all the time, seeing that show made me feel like I was back home again. My childhood was pretty cool. :)

The group is called HELLZAPOPPIN, and they tour around the country as a sideshow troupe. Their show has the typical stuff you'd expect, like fire eating and sword swallowing, but it also had some really bizarre stuff. A girl walked up a ladder with rungs made of sharp swords (blade-side up), she jumped on chunks of broken glass, one guy chewed up and SWALLOWED some chunks of glass, and he also shoved popcorn kernels up his nose and popped them out through his eye sockets.

The main star of the show is a man who goes by the name of "Zamora the Torture King". He's apparently been on TV a bunch of times for the crazy stuff he does. He laid on a bed of nails while four large men stood on top of him, he laid across some swords that were blade-side up while a cinder block was laid on top of him and broken with a hammer, and he did two especially weird things. The first involved him swallowing a piece of string, cutting a hole in his belly with a scalpel, and pulling the string out. The final thing he did was stick some metal skewers through his body in various places. Here's a photo of him doing it:

No piercings. He stuck those things right through his body. They had to be forced through his skin.
 What a show!


  1. I think I saw these guys on tv once

  2. The manliest of men do not simply feel pain; they mock it.