Monday, October 4, 2010

Art post 10/4

A long time ago, I used to contribute art to a project called Sonic 2 HD. As the name implies, it's an HD remake of Sonic 2. However, I've been unhappy with the direction of the project for quite some time now, so I decided not to contribute anymore. I did have one old sprite from the project laying around that I had never finished, though. Yesterday, I finally finished it up to my liking:

It's done entirely with vector shapes, so it was very time-consuming! I based it off of the original Knuckles sprite, and I also referenced official Sonic art sources for extra detail. Here is the original sprite:

I also have a sprite of Tails that I made for the project. If you haven't seen that already, you can view it here.

It's a shame that Sonic 2 HD hasn't really gone anywhere. It seemed like such a promising concept in the beginning. Oh well.

Also, completely unrelated, but I went mini-golfing last night and it was fun! :D


  1. Wow, that looks really good! At first glance I thought it was official Knuckles art. The Tails picture looks great too.

  2. holy moly, those are awesome! I'm officially jealous of your skills.

  3. This is really good! I like the shading, and lighting techniques. :) Although, shouldn't his hair be sharper?

    I haven't went mini-golfing in a while, and now I really want to. :(

  4. His stomach is the turkish flag.