Friday, October 29, 2010

National Reptile Breeders' Expo 2010

You probably already saw the video on youtube, but here it is if you missed it:

This is a reptile show I went to back in August. I've actually had the video ready to upload for about two months! The only reason why I waited this long is because I was trying to find some good music I could use for the background audio. I didn't really like the background noise, but I finally decided to just use it anyway since I never found music that fits.

I decided to go to this show when I met a person who offered to carpool with me. I'm so happy I went! I was super excited to see the albino iguanas in person, because I've been wanting one for a long time now. I hope to buy one some day, but they are super duper expensive. I was also really happy to see all the different kinds of blue tongue skinks. The only kind that I ever saw in person before was....well, Kai! I pretty much recorded every single skink I saw.

I recorded so much footage at the show that I couldn't fit it all into the 15 minute time limit. I had to cut out a lot of it. I think I kept in the best stuff, though. Kai sure did love those worms I brought home for him! He would go nuts whenever I gave him one. I had to clean up a lot of worm guts!


  1. Wow, so many reptiles. I'm not an avid fan of reptiles so you've shown me a lot of species I've never even seen before. Thank you!

  2. Francis: Hey Jonna, you look like lizard, muahhahaha.

    Jk, thats video was nice.

  3. I love the long one at 13:30. I never knew such a lizard existed!

  4. I'd love to go to a convention like this someday, it doesn't matter what for. Fish, snakes, lizards, even chickens. You always find something that really makes you go "wow".

    But this shows how active and amazing reptiles can be. I personally love snakes, and my dream pet is a leucistic ball python. They only cost about $1,200 - $1,500. :P

  5. hi jonna can u please send me cons blog because kilplix aka austin has removed cons blog im going to ask him why he said some things about austin but if u dont want to send me it its OK...... have a nice day

  6. I viewed your video of the national reptile breeders expo and have a question. What is the name/type of reptile that is shown on your video at 2:02? I have never seen one of these. Looks like he/she has a sail on its tail/back. Quite unique!