Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I love Firefly

So I just finished watching the series 'Firefly' over the weekend. I had watched about half of the series a few months ago, then got sidetracked and didn't finish it until just this weekend. What an amazing show. I'll never forgive Fox for cancelling it so early in its run. At least it got a finale in the movie 'Serenity', though. I just watched that last night. I had originally watched it when it was out in theaters, but I always regretted seeing it without watching the series first. Now that I've actually seen the show, the movie was much, much more enjoyable. If you haven't seen Firefly, WATCH IT! It's only 14 episodes, and it's fantastic.

I went to Disney again today. Was a pretty enjoyable visit. I started the day at Animal Kingdom, and I saw Festival of the Lion King for the first time, which was really cool. After that, I rode Dinosaur. Oh Dinosaur....let me tell you about that ride.

I was cruising along, having a good time on the ride, when suddenly, it stopped. All the lights came on, and we just sat in the car for a while. No one else in my vehicle spoke english, and I was bored, so I pulled my lunch out and ate it on the ride. It finally started back up, but....nope, broke down again a few seconds later. We sat for a while again, and then some of the ride workers finally arrived to walk us out of the ride. They apparently had a rolling platform of stairs with them to get everyone down from the ride, but I didn't realize they had that, and I just hopped down from the side closest to me. When I walked around the car to them and they spotted me, their eyes practically bugged out of their head. "No no, you were supposed to get down on this side! Very dangerous!" Heheh...oops. So anyway, they escorted us out, and it was interesting seeing the ride all lit up. I was disappointed that I didn't actually get to finish the ride though. They did give us fast passes to get back on the ride quickly at a later time, but I figured I wouldn't have time to use it. However.. more on that later.

I got a couple of quick photos with my cell phone cam while we were walking through. I sure wish I had brought my little camcorder today, so I could have recorded this whole ridiculous experience. Here are the photos, forgive the bad quality (like I said, cell phone cam):

After the Dinosaur fiasco, I was waiting to see the Finding Nemo musical that was going to be starting soon, so I passed the time by going on a kiddie ride that's basically a clone of the Dumbo ride, except with triceratopses. Then I headed over to Nemo and got a seat. Man, I love that show. In my opinion, it's way way more enjoyable than the movie itself (which I'm not even that much a fan of). The way they do the puppets and all that is so friggin' cool. I've only seen the show twice so far, but I pretty much have to see it whenever I go to Animal Kingdom now. There's one song from the show in particular that gets stuck in my head like crazy. The first time I saw it, it was literally in my head for over a month afterwards. This is it (tried my best to find one with a good singer and good audio quality):

After Finding Nemo, I attempted to ride Dinosaur again. See, the thing is, it was about 5:30 at the time, and the park had closed at 5:00 to everyone except the people staying at Disney resorts. I tried getting in line, and the woman asked for my resort key pass, and I was like "Uhh...." but then I mentioned that I had been on it when it broke down and was hoping to ride it in its entirety. They asked me for my fast pass from earlier. Success! They let me on. Disney really aims to please their guests.

I left Animal Kingdom after that, and headed to Magic Kingdom. Rode Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and oh yeah.... Country Bears Jamboree. UGH! WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I had never seen it before, and I heard it wasn't good, so I wanted to experience it for myself. BIG MISTAKE! I was desperately wanting to get out long before it was over. Ugh. Never again. The kids must HATE that show!

After that, got a delicious hot dog, then watched Disney's closing shows. The fireworks were awesome as usual, and now they do this new really cool thing before the fireworks where they project things onto the castle. It's hard to describe and make it sound cool, but it's quite awesome.

Man, I can't believe how quickly I got out of the park and back to my car. I parked at one of the resorts, so I don't have to pay for parking, and I got back there ridiculously fast from the monorail. I'm never paying for Disney parking again.

Fun day!


  1. I haven't gone to Disney in several years. How close do you live to the park? It sounds like you go there a lot.

  2. Wow what a day! Sound like you had fun. I got up at 7.30am and went to work haha and its really cold in the UK at the moment.


  3. Fox just doesn't know a good show when they have one (i.e. Firefly, Arrested Development, Futurama, etc). If want to watch another good show canceled too soon, you should check out Clone High. Hi-larious show.

    Dinosaur is one of my most favorite rides at Disney. Loud as hell, but I'm a sucker for dinosaurs and Bill Nye. I hope it's working when I drop by on Saturday. >_>

    Speaking of which, thanks for the free parking tip! xD

  4. That was awfully nice of them to treat everyone on the ride so well.

    If you like costumes like that then I'd highly suggest seeing The Lion King if you're ever in New York City. Great costumes, choreography, and actors. It's very worth the money for the ticket in my opinion.

  5. @Hombre De Agua: I'm about 30-40 minutes away from them. I go a lot because I have a seasonal pass.

    @woppyjod: It was working fine later that same day, so you should be fine. I used to be nervous about parking at resorts, but I've done it 3 times now with no penalties, so it should be okay!

    @Peachy: I'm willing to check that out, though there'd probably be a million other shows I'd want to see too.

  6. If I'm not wrong there are somo comics about Firefly :D

  7. Tribute song to the captain of Serenity, based on the shows theme.

  8. Firefly is one of my favourite anythings, ever.
    Have you read any of the comics?

  9. Since you enjoy Firefly so much, you should watch some of Nathan Fillion's show Castle, if you don't already. He's made a lot of references back to Firefly! I enjoy them =3