Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Been so busy

Hi, friends. I'm so sorry for the lack of posts lately! I'll try not to go this long without an update again. I've been really busy, and I kept putting off updating on everything I've been up to. I don't even remember a lot of it now, and I don't want to write another friggin' essay in here like I have before (especially since no one reads long posts), so I'll just summarize things.

Went to the LAN center with my mom and Kai on New Year's eve. Kinda weird, I know, but we had fun! We mainly just sat and talked to people there. My mom left a few days after that, and I was finally able to start getting my stuff unpacked at my new place. My room looks pretty nice now.

I went to Disney with some friends a couple weeks ago. We went to Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. We had tons of fun! Here are a couple of photos:

Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch! That Stitch gave me a kiss.

Disney's greatest attraction.

I'm sure you can tell if you ever take a look at my Steam profile, but I've been addicted to the game Shatter! It's an Arkanoid-based game, and it's super fun. I've already put in a bunch of hours, and I haven't even beaten it yet! I just keep going back and improving my scores. The music is AMAZING, and I love it so much that I purchased the soundtrack.

Intel just released some new processors, so I'm super excited about that. One of them is way better than the processor I originally planned to buy, and it's nearly the same price! I'm so glad I waited on buying my stuff. I'll probably start ordering the rest of my PC parts very soon.

This past weekend, there was an interesting convention in this area called Otronicon. It's a pretty unusual convention, and the theme of it is basically video games and technology. It took place at the local science center, which I love going to. It went from Friday to Monday, and since my store was doing a lot for the convention, I got to attend every day for free. I wore a name tag as if I was one of the workers, but I actually just hung out with friends the entire time, hehe (and helped at their table a little bit). Here are some photos from Otronicon:

That's the area I hung out in the entire time.
ALLIGATORS!!! Oh, and turtles. Pretty weird photo for a convention, but it did take place at the science center, after all. :P

These next photos are from a retro arcade they had there. It was so amazing! They were all super old games, and all of them were in free-play mode. I played all the way through the original TMNT with a couple of people. There aren't many people in my photos, but on the following days, this place was PACKED.

And here we are playing TMNT....wait, what's wrong with my face?!

The first night of the convention, my store put on Zombie Night. We had some zombie makeup artists there, so I of course took advantage of that!
I've never looked better!

I went to go see Black Swan yesterday. What a movie! It was very intense, but I quite enjoyed it.

A website today is selling $20 Amazon gift cards for only $10. It's a pretty sweet deal! I grabbed one (since you're only allowed to buy one, booooo). You can get it here, if you're interested:

Well, that's mostly everything. I know it seems like another super long entry, but it's mostly photos! I do hope you read it. Oh, just a little teaser, we have something special in the works for Kilplix N Friends. Keep on the lookout for an announcement soon! :)


  1. i must say i do like the zombie facial features... very creative... did u do the facepaint? or did u have help in applying it? i know u do art things so im just curious, and i must say TMNT is my absolute favorite arcade game... that and the simpsons

  2. There were professional zombie makeup artists at the event who did it.

  3. Your posts aren't long, especially compared to Con. He slams us with walls of text.

  4. Are your roommates still being awesome?

  5. Alligators and turtles living together? In peace and harmony?

  6. I dont mind reading long posts either. They did a great job with the face paint.


  7. woah, looks like a tonne of fun, wish the convention near me was more like that, the one near is cool but isn't generally as awesome as that one looked/sounded.

  8. I remember watching the finale to the freezer burn playthrough and you said something about a charger doll picking up survivors. I found this: May seem totally random, but, I tried to find the most zombiesh post you had in recent history