Wednesday, November 16, 2011

JetBlue News

For those of you who keep up with my Facebook posts, I mentioned that my JetBlue interview had gone very well. It was quite a fun experience (despite having to fly all the way to New York), and the recruiters were all very nice. I felt confident that I did a great job and gave it my all. However, even though I know I did my best, I still didn't allow myself to get my hopes up too much for the job, in order to protect myself from being hurt if it didn't work out. That ended up being for the best, because I just got the email yesterday that I was not chosen. The email basically said "You are super awesome and super qualified, but we picked someone else". It kinda made it seem like I'm too good for them or something, haha. I was excited about the idea of being a flight attendant, but I'm really not upset or anything. My mom seems to be way more upset than I am! I only feel sad for the JetBlue passengers who won't get to experience the joy of having me serve them snacks and drinks and such. It's truly a tragedy! :P

Since that job fell through, I plan to put my full effort into starting an online store. I plan to sell charms, t-shirts, art prints, and other fun stuff, both video game-related and not. If there's anything you guys would like to see on a charm or shirt or poster, feel free to mention it and I might make it!

To anyone who watches my Steam activity, you probably think I've been playing tons of Skyrim. Well, that's been my boyfriend playing it, not me. He doesn't have a Steam account, so I bought the game on my account for him to play it. I'll probably play it eventually after he's all done with it. I still need to finish Arkham Asylum, myself.

I went to a Random Encounter and Protomen show last night. It was a blast, as usual. Tons of my friends were there, and it was awesome hanging with them all. Random Encounter keeps getting better every time I see them, and this was probably my favorite Protomen performance I've seen yet. Since the crowds for the Protomen always pump their fists throughout the entire show, I decided to bring my boxing nun puppet to poke fun at their fist pumping. Here's a photo of me with her:



  1. Awwwwww, I'm sorry Jonna D:
    I think the online store idea is great, I personally would kill for a funny cartoon-ish Kilplix-n-Friends shirt. Also, you should post your PC specs for us.

  2. -gasp- jonna has a boyfriend and its not austin?! :( wait, or is it austin? O>o