Friday, September 24, 2010

Universal :\

I went to Universal's Islands of Adventure yesterday. Meh..... it was honestly pretty lame. I was just there in March, and I wasn't ready to go back again so soon. All the new Harry Potter stuff was really cool, but otherwise, it was the same ol' same ol'. That park just BORES me. I'm a wimp with scary rides, so I can't even ride half of the stuff there. I do really really love the Spider-man ride, but it isn't enough to keep me coming back to the park over and over.

I am so done with Universal. I don't wanna go back for at least 5 years or so (unless I can go for free or something). The parks just aren't worth the cost of admission to me. I think my weekend at Disney ruined Universal for me, honestly. Disney is so magical and amazing, and Universal is lacking that feeling. It doesn't have the same atmosphere.

Overall, meh. I enjoyed the new Harry Potter ride, and I got to drink yummy pumpkin fizz at the Harry Potter restaurant, but those were the most interesting parts of the day. Universal isn't that great.


  1. I'm kinda the same way with Universal and Disney. The Universal parks I've been to I don't have fun going back to. But no matter how many times I go to a Disney park I always enjoy it.

  2. Well gee.. SoRRRY for going to Universal with you in March..

    "I get to go to universal with Jonna. haha- awww... *head lower*

  3. Well at least it was a positive day in general, my day on the 24th was very negative. With my great grandmother passing away. =/