Monday, September 27, 2010

Awwww ;___;

I forgot to mention that I got a donation the other day! Thank you so much, Sam! That was so sweet of you.

I want to start doing sketches/drawings for people that donate. Sam, if you'd like me to draw something for you, just let me know what you want!


  1. Once/if you get enough sketches done, you should post a gallery of them on your blog. That'd be neat.

  2. :) I would love a picture, but I don't know if The donation sent the right message. I donated because I love you guys. Your videos, even the simple ones like of Kai going through his day, or you going to market places in search of teddies, are one of the best things I get from the internet. Even that comment above filled me with the warmest, fizziest feeling I've had in a long time. My donation was sentimental; I wish for no trade. The only thing I want from you, Kilplix, Cody, Jed and Con is to keep doing what your doing, as your doing a brilliant job of filling our days with laughter and infinite amusement. Because I think I speak for everyone on the world wide web when I say "I love you guys." <3

  3. @Sam You, sir, are a good man. A true fan all the way!

  4. Or woman, depending on how "Sam" is fully written.

    Thank you Jonna for all the lols in every video you appear in.

  5. @Sam

    You my friend are a true example to all of us.
    Keep on rolling Kilplix crew!