Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hi pals!

Welcome to my shiny new blog. I'm just gonna use this to update here and there about the going-ons of my life. I'll try to keep it more about the interesting stuff (ex: I'm gonna be in an infomercial!), and less of the mundane (ex: I ate a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch!). Thanks for checking it out!

By the way, I really am going to be in an infomercial.


  1. Jonna i found out this blog on steam :D(im revolver ocelot :D)

  2. Congrats on the new blog --- I'm sure you'll do better at updating it than I ever manage to do with the blogs I've tried.....

  3. "What is this?!"
    Sparta maybe? :P

  4. You're going to be in an infomertial? COOL!!! did you already shoot for it or no? when you get the chance post it up and let the world of people with no TVs see.