Friday, December 31, 2010

Year's up!

Notable things from my 2010 (both good and bad):

  • Spent a year in an apartment that I never felt comfortable in
  • Ended a 3.5-year-long relationship
  • Started the second year of my current job
  • Brought Kai into my life
  • Attended the funeral of a dear friend
  • Made the President's List in college for the first time
  • Met Austin
  • Made some new friends
  • Had a wonderful visit with my parents in the Florida Keys after a year and a half without going there
  • Became infected with Scott Pilgrim Fever when the final volume of the comic was released, the movie was released and the game was released all in the same month
  • Decided to stop going to college indefinitely
  • Joined Nerdy Show
  • Bought a seasonal pass for Disney World and became a big fan of the parks
  • Experienced the brief return of my back problems
  • Lost my little Puck
  • Found a new place to live
So, that is a brief summary of my year. I might have forgotten to mention some stuff, and if so, I'll probably go back and edit the list later. It was quite a year, it had its ups and downs, and I think I'm happy to put it behind me. I hope that 2011 will be more pleasant, overall. My new year's resolution is to finish more video games. That was my resolution last year, and I didn't do a very good job. These are the only games that I completed:

  • Wario Land 4 (GBA) - 2/24
  • Heavy Rain (PS3) - 3/21
  • Braid (PC) - 3/31
  • Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (DS) - 4/28
  • Portal (PC) - 6/07
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3) - 9/7/10
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (PS3) - 9/24
  • VVVVVV (PC) - 10/21
My problem is that I start a bunch of different games without seeing them through to the end. I need to get better about that! More completed games in 2011! I swear!

I'm all moved in to my new place, and I'm quite happy with it so far. The move went really smoothly, and now I just need to get all my crud unpacked. I've been so busy with my family in town that I haven't been able to do much of that yet. I finally met one of the roommates that I hadn't met prior to my move-in, and she's really nice! We've already talked more than I talked to my last roommates in the whole year I lived there. I have a really good feeling about this place, and I think I'm going to be very happy there.

Look at what my roommate did!

That was so sweet of her! I feel so welcomed.

I visited my old place for the last time the other day, to grab any items I had forgotten and to leave the keys. My old roommates weren't even home, so I didn't say bye to them, but I did leave a note. It was really hard to say goodbye to their dogs, though. I'm going to miss them very much. I took some pictures with them before I left:

Bye bye, doggies. :(

For New Year's Eve tonight, my mom and I are about to go to the LAN center I always hang out at. I might be bringing my webcam and streaming it, so look out for that!

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year!


  1. Heyoo, Happy New Years to you Jonna.
    glad the moving went smoothly! :D

  2. A lack of my name is absent from that list! Something like 'Realised Con is awesome' or something.

  3. happy new year! have a good one! :)

  4. Seems like a pretty busy year. Glad you've moved into your new place! Oh, and I'm sure she already knew that you're awesome, Con.

  5. I had the same issue with finishing games, but me and my brother started a game competition last year. (: I went from barley beating five to beating 44- and unfortunately losing by one. :c
    If you keep a list up on your door or something you see everyday, it'll really inspire you to add more to the list. We keep lists on our doors to compare who's farther. They have pretty colors and whatnot so that's fun, too. xD

    Happy new year! (:

  6. u beat VVVVVV? that game is pretty epic i died alot.. the guy u play is accident prone... stupid spikes... well heres to another good year cheers

  7. Wario Land 4, my favorite game ever on the gba, my first own video game as well.

  8. I am extreamly sorry for your loss