Friday, April 22, 2011

Awesome luck

So, something really cool happened today! Well, it started last night. I was at the LAN center, and I noticed there were a bunch of half dollar coins in the register. I decided to buy a few dollars worth of 'em (by exchanging them with $1 bills), so I can use them to annoy cashiers when I buy stuff with them. I picked out the oldest ones in there just for the heck of it. Now, today, I was spending time with my uncle who's visiting, and  I noticed he had a bag of coins and jewelry and such. He told me he planned to take those to a shop to sell them, and I figured I'd mention the half dollars I got the night before. He's really knowledgeable about coins and such, and he told me to check the dates on them. It turns out that my two oldest coins were made of silver! I ended up bringing them in to that shop my uncle brought us to, and I got 20 bucks! It was pretty sweet.

We posted a Top 15 DS Games list on the Nerdy Show site today. I did write-ups for 7 of the games on the list, so give it a read if you're interested! My name is listed after each one I did.

I've been playing Portal 2! It's pretty awesome so far. I haven't even started single player yet, though! I need to get to that already. I've also been playing Pokémon White, though not a lot. I only just received the first gym badge today.

I went to my other uncle's house today, and I gave the ever-famous Herbert a visit. Here are a couple photos of us:
Herbert is one massive wolfdog.


  1. I love that kind of dog. Hugging one of those is the closest you'll ever get to hugging a bear.

  2. Holy crab that's a huge wolf. And you look gorgeous Jonna :D

  3. thats a cool suit of Armour behind you :)

  4. Nice get with exchanging the coins.

    And Herbert isn't that big, you're just a tiny Jonna.

  5. i want a big dog like that D: and concerning annoying cashiers my friends paid 40 dollars that he owed in pennies... twas a sight to behold

  6. that is a big dog