Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spiffy Saturday

Man, I wanted to update the day after the Anamanaguchi show, but I was holding out because I've been wanting to share some photos from that night. I still haven't been given the photos, though, so that shall have to wait.

The show was a blast! I was right in front of the stage the entire night, so that made it all even more awesome. I danced the whole time. My friend's band, Random Encounter, improved tremendously since the last time I saw them perform! They opened with the song Threshold from the Scott Pilgrim movie, so I was tickled pink by that. I bought their CD that I didn't have yet, to give 'em some support.

Following them, Anamanaguchi was better than I could have possibly expected! Since they use chiptune sounds in their music, I didn't quite know what to expect from them live. However, it worked well. They just play the prerecorded chiptune audio while playing actual instruments at the same time. They were great! Since the crowd was screaming for it, they ended the show with a Scott Pilgrim song (this one, to be exact). I was so happy that they played one.

Afterwards, one of my Nerdy Show co-hosts and I got photos with three of the four band members. To specify, they were three individual photos, with one band member in each photo. We tried to get all four, but the last guy vanished before we could track him down. He was a hipster, so you never know what to expect from those types. Once someone finally sends me those photos, I'll slap 'em up on my blog. It was an awesome, awesome night, and I definitely want to see Anamanaguchi again the next time they're in the area.

I went to yard sales today! I bought an MC Hammer CD (Too Legit To Quit) and... a broken Xbox 360, since it was only 25 bucks! It came with the cables, two controllers, a 20GB HDD, and two rechargeable battery packs with a charging dock.  It has the red lights of death, but a friend of mine is going to repair it for me. However, since it's one of the models that doesn't have HDMI output, I don't care to keep it. I'm just gonna resell it and keep one of the controllers, since I'm possibly going to buy a slim 360 in the future. I already have a 250gb HDD, so I don't need that 20GB one.

I almost beat Portal 2 single player! I know, I'm slow. I'll definitely have it done tomorrow.

I didn't mention it in my last entry, but over Easter weekend, I saw my cousin who lives in Hawaii, who I hadn't seen in about 16 years. I hardly remembered what he was even like, seeing as I was quite little last time we met. It was very cool getting reaquainted with him, as well as meeting his wife and baby (who turned 1 on Easter). We talked about video games a bit, and he apparently still plays the original Starcraft! I'll have to play it with him sometime.

Here's grandma and I from that weekend. I dunno why she always makes such weird faces in photos. :P


  1. I'm glad you had fun at the concert. And you got to get photos with the band members, lucky!!!

    And more ridiculous bargains! 2x lucky!!!

  2. Your grandma has that I'll-strangle-you-in-your sleep-if-you-snap-that-picture-look. It's kinda scary. D:

    And thanks for the links to the awesome music. :) More for me to listen to.

  3. granma just gave me a fuckin deathstare

  4. You two look alike, how sweet.