Sunday, April 17, 2011

Borderlands and JERK CHICKEN

Austin, Tate and I just started playing Borderlands this evening. We just finished up a few minutes ago, in fact. I tried playing this game a very long time ago with Austin, Jed and Cody, but since we were never able to get all of us together with working computers, that didn't go very far. I'm hoping I'll actually be able to beat the game this time around!

Today, I ordered some delicious food from a Caribbean restaurant for lunch. The problem, though, is that they left out like half of my order! It was supposed to be jerk chicken with bread and a Jamaican beef patty. They left out the bread and the patty, so it was just chicken and nothing else! Oh well, at least it was awesome chicken. One other problem is that they didn't give me a fork! We had none around at work, so I ate my meal with a ridiculous little pair of plastic tongs. :P



  1. you just reminded me that I miss that steam sale on borderland ..... :( don't you have youtube partner? shouldn't that help you a bit financially.

  2. I bet the tongs were happy that they were being used. Haha.

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  4. Bah id eat my chicken with no fork think out side the box if you will, or styrofoam container... either way chicken looks beast