Saturday, November 19, 2011

Daily Skyrim Party! New poll

Lately, I've been going to my friend's house almost every day for Skyrim parties. Though I'm the only one here not actually playing the game (I'm usually playing League of Legends or working on stuff instead), everyone else has been. It's like a lan party for a single player game, which is a pretty silly concept, but it's been a lot of fun. We made delicious snacks last night, so it finally felt like a real party!

I made my awesome spam musubi, which is nori, rice, and a slice of turkey spam in the middle with teriyaki sauce and furikake seasoning on it. It's super delicious!

Sooooo good.
So, I decided to get rid of my chat room, since no one ever used it. If there's ever demand for another one in the future, I may make a new one. For now, though, I decided to replace that space with a little list of the games I'm currently playing. I'll continue to update and change that list as I finish and start new games.

I have a new poll, and it's a very important one for me. Since I'm currently in the process of creating an online store, I want to know what types of products you folks would be most interested in buying. I plan to make everything that's in the poll list, but it would be very helpful to know what appeals to you the most. I plan to have my store up and running very soon, and I'm continually working on products for it. My store will have an emphasis on gaming-related items and apparel, but I'll be making other types of things as well. Please leave a comment if there's anything I didn't mention in the poll that you'd like to see for sale!


  1. I'd love to hear how you like skyrim.. :D
    Honestly.. from seeing you play L4D with Austin. It's pretty obvious that you are a well experienced gamer. :D So when me and my "Company"
    Finish the final design and gameplay status and physics of the game we are creating. I'll send a copy to you aswell as the "kilplix friends".

  2. Please inform Austin and the others for me. :D