Friday, November 25, 2011

Want an iPad from me?!

I already posted this on Facebook, but I'll mention it here as well for those who don't use Facebook.

So, any of you want a free iPad from me?! Help me win one so I can give it to one of you! My company is doing a little contest for us Play N Trade employees, where the person who gets the most referrals to this page will win an iPad! If I win the iPad, I'm gonna give it away in a little contest for you awesome people!

Here's what you do: first, click the image at the bottom of this post. Then, click either the "Enter to Win" link at the top, or the "Fill out your wishlist today!" link at the bottom. Complete the form and submit it, and that's it! You'll be entered to win a bunch of cool stuff from Play N Trade, plus the iPad from me if I win!

Make it happen, guys! This is totally for you!

Black Friday ended up being not so bad at all. It sucked getting there so early, especially since I barely got any sleep, but the work shift wasn't tedious or anything. It was pretty busy, but not even close to as busy as last year. I had an energy drink to help me get through the day, and I'm feeling pretty crappy now. Oh well!


  1. Hey Jonna, will this count for people in the UK? Thanks :)

  2. how bout the people stuck on guam?I know they have a play'n'trade here too.does that count as well?