Saturday, April 14, 2012

Formspring 4/13

do you ever feel/care like your not as popular as any of kilplix's friends? your never in any fan art or videos related...

Oh, I know I'm not as popular as the others. I don't really mind, though. I'm very thankful for the fans that I do have.

Hows your lizard!Khai? (I forgot the name).

Kai is great! He's gotten pretty big, and I'll definitely be taking lots of new pictures and videos of him once I get my spiffy new camera in the next few days.

He's nice when he isn't being GRUMPY PANTS. Nah, he's a nice guy in general.

What is your view/opinion on tobacco related products?

I'm not a fan of tobacco of any kind, and after living with an indoor smoker, I'm even less fond of cigarettes. However, I don't mind if people choose to smoke or whatever else, though it does make me sad knowing that they're willingly doing harm to their bodies.

What would you do if your comp/pc wasn't working anymore and you had to wait a year for a brand new one?

That's such an unrealistic situation that it's hard to say. I guess... I'd just use my friends' computers, or get online at the LAN center I used to always hang out at.

AUSTIN IS KAWAAAAIIIIII DESU NE ^________________________^~

I've played a tiny bit. It's pretty fun, and I'm sure I'll play again.

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