Saturday, April 7, 2012

Formspring 4/6

Do you do zombie events on a regular basis (like the one coming up, Run For Your Life), or are they more like special events for you?

I haven't really done any zombie events like that, but it definitely sounds like something I'd like to check out eventually.

Sure, I'm up for doing something like that sometime in the future. I've tried setting up text chats a couple times, but they haven't worked out very well so far.

I play the ocarina! I have several of them already, and I'm always wanting to buy more. I haven't been able to practice very much for a while now, but I plan to pick it up again soon.

This is called Formspring. You can find the code for the embedded version on the website,

I have heard of....none of the above! Assuming those are people or things from Youtube, I don't really follow many Youtube people.

No, I can't really think of any certain names that I would classify as favorites. Since I don't plan on having kids, names aren't something that I think about very much.

I would definitely want to go to Japan. A few people that I know have been there or lived there, and it sounds like a blast. I know I would have an awesome time. I plan to take a trip there sooner or later.

Sure. We already have.

I used to be obsessed with Pokémon when I was a kid, but I haven't been super into it for a while now. The first generation is my absolute favorite, and I never get tired of replaying Blue. I really enjoyed Silver as well, but after that, my interest dropped for quite a while. I did play Ruby, but I ended up getting bored and didn't bother finishing it. I completely skipped Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, but I did decide to buy White. Though I've only played a little bit of it so far, I've been enjoying it, and I intend to play it all the way through.

Who knows! I haven't been playing many games lately.

It's been a very long time since I've played L4D, but the last time I played, it was with other people.

Jed and Cody don't really talk to me anymore. I will play with Austin again in the future, though.

No sir/madam, I am an American. I sure would love to go see some of the awesome wildlife that Australia has to offer, though!


  1. RE: Ventrilio / text chats:

    Totally just spitballing, but what about Google+ hangouts? Seems like a relatively safe way to connect with the fans.

  2. Yea ^ agreed, and PS: how would you let us know? twitter, youtube, or blogger? It seems like alot of fun.