Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost time to move!

I'm so dang excited about moving! I've had enough of this place, and I'm ready to get out. I have a nice-sized moving crew assembled, consisting of some family members and friends. I'm so happy about moving that I started a countdown off to the right of the page! I also have a new poll that goes with this theme.

I'm getting ready to spend time with my family. They'll be in town soon for Christmas and all that jazz, so it'll be nice to see them once again. I predict going out to eat a lot and seeing a few movies. I can't wait to eat my mom's Christmas cookies!

The boys and I beat Castle Crashers last night. It's about time! It only took us, what, TWO MONTHS?!

Jed and Cody and I have been playing ModNation Racers. Those two have been really serious about track-making! I made a couple of really quick tracks so far, and I'll probably work on some more serious ones later on. Fun game!

Here's the house I grew up in. I miss it very much.


  1. Love the counter, it's a nice touch methinks.

  2. The house is immaculate. Is the garage filled with maids in stalls like horses? Do you own the helper robot from the original Sims? Even the cacti stay in line. (So rare I get to use cacti in a sentence, red letter day.)

  3. Seems like everyone is moving. A few of my friends just moved out of their apartment to somewhere else in town.

    How did you like Castle Crashers? Wasn't the Necromancers' Theme amazing?