Sunday, December 26, 2010

PC build begins...?

Well, I bought the first part of my future PC last night: the video card!
I grabbed this one:

I wasn't planning on buying any PC stuff just yet. However, it was a really good deal ($50 off), and it's a sweet card, so I couldn't resist! I'm researching other parts now, and I have a couple picked out. I don't quite have enough money put aside for everything yet, but I hopefully should soon, then I'll be in business! I'm thinking I should have it all ready in a couple months.

Wow, I got more from adsense yesterday than I remember getting in a long time! Thank you to whoever clicked an ad! It wasn't a ton or anything, but I usually only get a few cents a day, so anything more than that is awesome.

My car's battery was out of power when I tried leaving work tonight, so I had to leave it in the parking lot for the night. Laaaaaame.

Moving tomorrow! SO EXCITED!

That's about how excited I am.


  1. About time you started building an epic computer! Maybe we can play more stuff together soon. :D

  2. hope you make an awesome computer :P

  3. Can't wait to hear what will be in your new computer.

    Hope the moving went well!

  4. Wait WTF Tate why do you get to play with them?

  5. hmm thats a good video card.. i was looking at that one before i got the one i got (Radeon 5770 HD) but building comps. are fun my friend does it as a mini buisness and hes a epic builder since hes built his own computer about 5 times

  6. Great card!
    I hope you will be able to record the future gameplays with Austin :)