Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More generosity!

I got a very generous donation from someone! Thank you soooo much, Rob! Are you sure you don't want a drawing? The offer still stands! For everyone who has donated, I have a thank-you gift in the works. It might be a bit longer before they're ready, but I'm keeping track of all donors, and each of you shall be receiving one!

I drew a little something for Jed. It's an icon of his character, Trill. Here it is:

You can see a drawing of her by Jed here: Attack Phary Trill
She's a cute character!

Kai is fat. I've got Skink Cam on now, so go watch him be his fat self.


  1. I wish I could donate... I missed fat Kai. Maybe some other time.

  2. Cutest avatar I've ever seen.