Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you've all had a splendid day.

I got a big haul of stuff (money, restaurant gift cards, blurays, a DS game, iguana statues, Sonic figures, jewelry, candy, cookies, other odds & ends). My family is so generous! It was great spending the day with them all, and delicious food was had. A very nice Christmas, overall.

Christmas card:

Edit: Here's a photo from my family's gathering.


  1. glad you had a nice christmas jonna. mine was pretty awsome 2. got some new games an itouch ive been wanting 4 a while and some books if been lookin at but never got around to buying them

  2. Good to hear you enjoied christmas too!

    First day, me, my mother and my grandparents celebrated at ours and i got my presents. Yey, books ^-^ And a nice, really big bed.

    Second day, the whole family went to my grandparents house and we celebrate with about 25 people. The two best things were our "Sauerbraten" (a good old german meal) and the time I spent with my cousins. We played Monopoly for like 7 hours!

    Third day (today in germany), we went to a fuckin great restaurant! It's called "New Korean". We know it well and go there every year two or three times.

    Yeah, this christmas was very nice. Hope you'll enjoy the days until new year :)

  3. Most people have their dog or maybe their cat sit with them in the family christmas picture/card. But not you Jonna... no, you get your little Skink to pose with you.

  4. It always looks a little odd to me when people don Christmas gear in warm climates. But that's probably the NYC in me talking.

  5. @Peachy: You should see the old Christmas cards with my iguana, Lantz. We had some very silly cards centered around her.

    We also did a Christmas card with Puck one year, but he was quite a pain in the butt to pose for photos.