Monday, December 13, 2010

Keepin' busy

I've been trying to get out of my room a lot lately, since it's been really sad in here without Puck around. I went to the LAN center a few times last week, had some good games with the guys. I can't really stand playing anything on my own computer anymore, since most recent games run so poorly. I also went to Disney on Wednesday.

This visit, I spent the evening at Epcot. It was quite chilly outside! It was very refreshing, though, and a very enjoyable evening overall. I was thrilled to see that my favorite drink had returned at "Club Cool"! It wasn't there last time I went, so I feared that it was gone forever. It's called VegitaBeta, and it's a drink that isn't available anywhere else in the world, except for "The World of Coca Cola" in Georgia. It used to be a drink sold in Japan, but they stopped making it. I wish it was something that's available to purchase! Pretty much the best anyone can do is just sneakily fill up an empty bottle with it. I'll probably do that next time I go! I'm so naughty. I was ever so happy to see Captain EO again, which never EVER gets old. I sing along with MJ every time I watch it. Pretty much the main reason I decided to go to Epcot this time was because their Illuminations closing fireworks show is extended right now for the holiday season. The regular version of the show is spectacular enough, but the extended version was amazing! It's a very powerful show. I'll be going to another Disney park this Wednesday, since my friends will be in town. Not sure which one yet.

Yesterday, my boss treated all of my co-workers and I to a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant. We did a gift exchange, and everyone picked a gift out of the pile. I got a pink bunny scarf made by my co-worker. The bunny has a mustache. It is really cute and funny, and I would probably actually wear it if it wasn't pink (I hate pink). What a shame. I did get something else along with it that I actually like, though. It's a little painting of a lizard/alligator creature holding a cup of Italian ice. Very cute! The boss also gave all of us gift cards to some breakfast restaurant, which was super nice of him.

So I'm moving at the beginning of January! I finally managed to pick out a place I like. I think I'm going to be a lot happier there! I'm really really looking forward to moving. Not to mention, the internet speed at that place is FANTASTIC! I am drooling in anticipation!

What would go along well with a great internet connection? A great gaming PC! I am currently planning to build one. I've held off for so long because it's so expensive, but I think I'm finally ready to go for it. My parents offered to give me a little bit towards it as a Christmas gift, so that will definitely help. I need to be careful about my expenses for a little while so it doesn't hit my wallet as hard. Once I get that built, I'll finally be able to play all the newest games that can't run on my laptop, and I'll be able to record and all that good stuff!

I saw a free screening of Tron: Legacy tonight! I found out about the screening like an hour before it started, so I ran out immediately to try to make it in time. I managed to get in just fine, and I even got a pin and a poster! The movie was great, and I might go see it again when it's actually out. Awesome visuals and music (of course, since the music's by Daft Punk)! I recommend it!

I'm sorry these posts are always so long. I'll try updating more frequently so they're shorter. I hope people actually read them. Here's a blurry pic of my mom and I:


  1. I do read your posts. Either way it's nice to read about stuff that's going on with you, wether they're long or short posts. Its just hard to comment on the longer posts. Plus, it's late so I don't feel like commenting on all the stuff you talked about, haha.

    But in regards to it all, "Awesome!" Lol.

  2. Hey, longer posts just keeps me busy and i dont mind that. So youre gonna build a PC just like Cody and Jed did? I wish i had the money to do that. I really have to get a job o.O

  3. That is a really nice picture :3

  4. Haha forgot you liked Daft Punk I'm going to go see it friday for my bros B day AAAAHHHHHH awesome you like where your moving too :D