Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quick MAGFest Update

I've barely had any time to update, but I thought I'd make a quick one.

We arrived here on Thursday at 7 in the morning! After a 15 hour drive, it felt amazing to crash in the hotel bed for a nap. I think my sleep schedule is actually somewhat normal now, somehow.

I've been having an awesome time! I honestly haven't listened to many bands perform yet, but I've just been having a blast hanging out with my friends. The ones I did listen to were pretty good, though (I just had to endure lots of nerd stink in the crowds, yuck).

There's a dealer room that has a bunch of games and game-inspired merch. Most of the games are priced way too high, so I haven't purchased anything, but one table in particular has an incredible collection of rare consoles from Japan, most of them in box! It's amazing to see all that stuff in front of me.

Connected to the dealer room is a big arcade area, with the games all set to free-play mode. They have a ton of games that I love, but the problem is that most of the machines seem to have some sort of problem. :( Either a button doesn't work, or it keeps resetting mid-game, or it's just completely turned off. Oh well, I was able to play a few games, at least.

Random Encounter was the first band to play, and while they did an amazing job, the people working the sound board ruined everything! Their levels were off in some way the ENTIRE time, and it ruined many of their songs. It was extremely disappointing, and we've all been amazed that they've actually gained some new fans despite the sound issues. Thankfully they'll be jamming out at the jam space later today, so they'll have a second chance to show their stuff!

Uematsu's band will be playing today, so I'm super excited about that!

If any of you are actually here, I've been hanging out at the Random Encounter merch table a bunch. You can try to find me there!

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