Saturday, January 21, 2012

The redone Sonic CD

A friend of mine just bought me Sonic CD on Steam. This game and I have a bit of a weird history. Although I've had it since I was a little kid, I've never really given it a fair chance. It has such a different feel from the other classic Sonic games that I could never quite get into it. The levels are, in my opinion, designed rather strangely, in ways that make the game very frustrating at parts. However, despite all that, this game is very special to me for one reason.

The game's soundtrack is AMAZING. Now, I'm referring to the Japanese soundtrack. The American soundtrack is okay, and it's the one I grew up with, but as soon as I heard the Japanese soundtrack, I could never go back. Definitely one of my favorite game soundtracks of all time, and I listen to it on a regular basis.

This version of Sonic CD is redone, with a lot of new features added. Now that there's a spiffy new version of it, I think I'm ready to finally give the game a fair chance. A lot of people think of it as the greatest Sonic game of all time, and while I know my opinion won't be changing THAT drastically, who knows, I might actually be able to say that I like the game. We'll see.

I'll be streaming it soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. It is, without question, the greatest soundtrack of any Sonic game in history.