Friday, July 6, 2012

Daily Formspring: 7/6

  1. I have, but I've only played 1, 2, 7, and 9. I think my favorite one that I've played so far is 7. That's probably only because it was the first one I played, though (and I had awesome beginner's luck!). 9 is pretty interesting, too. I'd like to play the older ones some more. Ooo, that might be a good idea for my birthday party this year...
  2. Oh, definitely Cheetahmen 2! It's awful, but it's quite funny and even charming (in a horrible sort of way). The music is so awesome that I actually did manage to play the whole game from start to finish (even using a hacked rom in order to get past a certain level that you get stuck on in the real game). E.T is just unbearable to play for more than a few seconds.
  3. If I had any cookies, you could have all of them! I'm trying to maintain a better diet for now, as I need to drop a few pounds.
  4. The most amazing game I've ever played is Sonic 3 & Knuckles! My favorite game of all time, and I never get tired of playing it over and over.
  5. I do have an account, but I don't ever play my 360. I actually forget that I own one sometimes. There just isn't any point, since I have a kickin' rad PC.

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