Friday, May 25, 2012

Daily Formspring: 5/25

  1. It depends, really. I can't drink coffee by itself, even if it has some sugar and cream added to it. It's just too strong for me. Black coffee would probably make my taste buds commit suicide. I tend to like coffee drinks with flavorings and such added to them, as long as the coffee flavor isn't too strong. I really love pouring a little bit of coffee over chocolate or vanilla ice cream, SO GOOD. I also love coffee flavored things, such as candies and ice cream. The smell of coffee is wonderful, too. This answer was probably a lot more involved than you were hoping for. I apologize for that.

    tl;dr: YES AND NO.
  2. Formspring makes them really easy to manage. I have all of my questions in my Inbox in a list, and they're in order of when they were asked. Super simple!
  3. I like Twitter alright, I just forget about it a lot of the time. I wasn't really sure if many people cared about my Twitter posts. I'll try to make an effort to use it more.

    No problem!
  4. That was just to give it a catchy title. I mean, I DID finally get the real alligator in my arms, I just didn't get to keep it forever. :P

    Hehe, thank you!
  5. By "not the best at school", I'm not sure if you mean grades-wise or interaction-wise. I guess I'll base my response on the topic of social interactions. If you were talking about grades, then just leave a comment and I'll try to answer that.

    It can be very difficult to break out of your comfort zone to try making friends. I've been there, and I know just how it is. There really isn't a clear-cut answer to exactly what you're supposed to do, and results tend to vary for everyone. The best advice I can give for this situation is to just try calmly engaging others. Don't try too hard, as that can be off-putting, but make that effort to initiate conversation with your surrounding peers. A lot of people tend to wait around for others to make the first move when it comes to social interactions, so many will be very appreciative of a person who engages them first. Just try commenting on something relevant to what's happening at the current time, and you can move towards a conversation from there. Before you know it, it could evolve into a new friendship! As you make more friends and get used to socializing, you'll feel your awkwardness slip away.

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