Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Formspring 5/15

  1. In high school, I didn't really fit into any specific label. I mean, I've always been geeky, but I don't think everyone just labelled me as a geek. I'm sure people thought I was weird, since I've always done my own thing without worrying about what people think of me, but that didn't stop me from having friends. I had geeky friends and popular friends. I pretty much made friends with whoever I felt like, and I took turns spending time with the various social circles that those friends were a part of. My own group of friends that I spent the most time with was made up of people who didn't know each other before I brought them together, so that was cool. Most of them are still friends with each other today.
  2. Assuming that you're coming to Orlando, let's see... That's difficult without knowing what sort of things you're interested in. I guess I'll just list some places that I like.

    I know you said no Disney World, but based on the limited information I was given, I'm assuming that's because of how expensive it is. There is actually an immense treasure trove of fun to be had on Disney property without even setting foot into any of the parks, all for free! Since Disney World is its own city, it's made up of all those various resorts and such. Many of them are very beautiful and very fun to explore, and you can take the free buses and monorail to get to them. I especially recommend the Animal Kingdom Lodge, since it has many wild animals to look at. Boardwalk is a fun place to go to in the evenings, since they have street performers there. You can also walk around Downtown Disney, which is a pretty fun place.

    If you like nature, there's a place called Leu Gardens that I've been meaning to go to for years but haven't gotten around to yet, but I've been told it's very beautiful. Here's the website for it: http://www.leugardens.org/

    There are also many different freshwater springs here that you can visit, which are quite lovely as well. I had a blast at one of them when I went tubing down the stream. They also typically have nature trails that you can explore. Here's a website for one of them: http://www.floridastateparks.org/wekiwasprings/default.cfm

    There's a very cool local theater called the Enzian. It's an independent theater that plays a lot of things you won't find at other theaters, and they serve food as well. I only went there once, but it was really cool! Website: http://www.enzian.org/

    Another place I haven't been to but have been meaning to for years is Gatorland. A lot of my friends have been there, and it sounds like a very fun, silly place. If you want the Florida gator experience, what better place to get it?http://www.gatorland.com/

    Now I'll list a few of my favorite restaurants.

    Best Chinese: Tasty Wok

    Best Sushi: Sushi Lola's

    Best Thai: Thai House

    Best BBQ: 4 Rivers

    Awesome exotic tacos/burritos: Tako Cheena

    Great sandwiches and tea: Pom Pom's

    This answer is ridiculously long, so I'll end it here. If you need any more info, feel free to comment!
  3. I have not. They live quite far away from me. I might visit them sometime in the future, though. Who knows.
  4. Well, there are many different kinds of sushi, so it's a bit difficult to describe the flavor as an all-encompassing thing. I will say that raw fish has a much more mellow flavor than cooked fish, though. When I was younger, I didn't really enjoy fish very much (aside from canned tuna), but ever since I started eating sushi, it helped me to appreciate fish a whole lot more.

  5. I won't be very useful for that right now, unfortunately. I've been very busy with other things lately, so the only game I've been playing is Pokémon White. I'll probably play some Orcs Must Die! later today, though. That's one awesome game.

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