Thursday, May 10, 2012

Formspring 5/10

  1. I do! The old ones are really cool, but I wouldn't want to have to fuss around with maintaining an old car. I don't think I'll be buying another German car, as it's ridiculously expensive to repair anything that goes wrong with mine.
  2. That's not how you start a friendship! :P
  3. Nothing like that is going on. There's no war. The only thing that keeps this topic going is people making comments like this.
  4. They don't hate each other, but I know they would both really prefer this whole topic to be left alone.
  5. Love 'em! The dorito tacos at Taco Bell are a current favorite of mine.
  6. I blame that radioactive spider bite I got back in the day. And thank you!
  7. I'll definitely be carrying larger shirt sizes. My store won't have shirts in the very beginning, but once I get them made, I'll be sure to order a few of the big sizes.
  8. That isn't a question, but thank you!
  9. BLUE! Always and forever.
  10. That was a red-eyed tree frog mask that I tried on at the Miami MetroZoo. I wish I had purchased it! I think it was too expensive or something.

    Aww, it's a pleasure! I do apologize for not putting out more content on a more regular basis.
  11. If anything, I was surprised at how many are 18 or older! I expected the majority of them to be young'ins. It's just obvious from the way that a lot of them act and type. Though, I guess proper (or improper) grammar isn't always indicative of age...
  12. I put up pretty much everything. I believe I've only deleted one or two that were repeat questions of something that I already answered. Even then, I typically post the repeat questions as well.
  13. Hot and rainy!
  14. How would I know better than you? :P I'm not a psychic, unfortunately. Hmmm, I guess I'll try to think about what I was into when I was 15.

    Let's see, I'm pretty sure I was still super into anime at the time, and I was also really into working out... What else... I guess I collected lots of art supplies then, too. Oh, and of course, can't forget video games.

    So, 15-year-old me would tell you to get anime stuff, exercise equipment, art supplies, and video games! I doubt most of that is relevant to your interests at all. :P

    Hmmm, maybe you can find something cool on this site:

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