Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Daily Formspring: 6/6

  1. I don't think badly of them, I just think it's quite a shame when such young girls rob themselves of their own childhoods by making irresponsible decisions. Being forced to grow up so quickly isn't a good thing for anyone to go through.

    Who to blame inevitably varies from situation to situation, but it's most likely a combination of both. Unless they got pregnant intentionally (which is very rarely the case), I think it's pretty silly when kids of that age don't know how to properly utilize the various birth control methods available. I'd expect kids to have gone through sex education classes by the time they've reached that age, and if they haven't, then shame on those schools for not teaching that. Whether the schools teach it or not, though, parents still need to get involved.

    Parents need to make sure that their children are properly guided on these issues. I understand a lot of households undoubtedly forbid such behavior, but it's nearly impossible to stop kids from doing what they want to do. I'd imagine that the children with parents that go to the effort of teaching their kids to be responsible about sex are the children that don't end up pregnant in their teens. The households that stay tight-lipped about everything and expect their children not to have sex are probably the ones with pregnant teenagers.

    This ended up being a long-winded answer, but the point is, parents are often to blame, as well as the girls themselves.
  2. Hey you! Yeah, YOU! You didn't ask a question! You know what the punishment for that is, don't you...? Erm, well, neither do I. I'll let you know when I think of one. Thanks for the compliments, though!
  3. As far as RPGs go, there are many that I've enjoyed over the years, but some of my favorites are Chrono Trigger, FFIX, FFIV, Kingdom Hearts, Grandia II, and Skies of Arcadia. I have a bunch I've never played that are on my to-do list for when I have more time to spare, though. FPSs, I like Borderlands, Counter-Strike, Bad Company 2 (haven't played Battlefield 3 yet), Doom, Killing Floor, TF2, and I'm gonna start playing Tribes Ascend soon.
  4. Heh, I thought that was a typo before I googled it. That was....mesmerizing!, for those unfamiliar.
  5. I appreciate the different types for their different purposes. Typically, I'm trying to fit as many audio files as possible within a limited amount of space, like on an mp3 player, and so I obviously prefer mp3 for those situations. FLAC is nice when lossless audio is necessary for whatever reason, but in most cases, as long as you have high bitrate mp3s, the difference between those and FLAC files is almost undetectable.

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  1. I thought ana somnia was a typo as well! That was truly unbelievable :O Thanks to the person who brought that up and thank you Jonna for posting up the link!